I’m head TA for the CS4240 Deep Learning course.

Open MSc thesis positions
Currently no thesis positions available. If you’re interested in conducting your thesis reseach with me, feel free to send me an email.

Currently supervising MSc students

  • Tom Edixhoven
    Project: Learning Equivariance in Deep CNNs
  • Nishad Tahur
    Project: Full Color CNNs

Previously supervised MSc students

  • Liang Zeng
    Project: Self-supervised segmentation from depth
  • Yordan Dimitrov
    Project: Rethinking Invariant Information Clustering for Segmentation

Previously supervised BSc students

  • Gees Brouwer, Gianpaolo Gioia, Nicky Ju, Thomas Streefkerk
    Project: Color Invariant Convolution for Unsupervised Domain Adaptation
  • Ivo Chen, Nick Mertzanis, Alin Prundeanu, Petar Ulev, Dani Rogmans
    Project: Deep Learning for Precision Agriculture
  • Edoardo Lanzini, Eljo Dorrestijn, Justin Oosterbaan, Tuhin Das
    Project: DeepDeer - collab. w. Sara Beery, Caltech
  • Berend Kam, Rembrandt Oltmans, Nishad Tahur, Hiba Abderrazik, David Cian
    Project: Deep Learning for LEGO

Useful tools

  • Paper writing guidelines by Dr. Jan C. van Gemert
    Useful guidelines by my PhD supervisor for writing a scientific paper.

  • Zotero
    My personal favorite for organizing scientific articles. Tip: sync your library across multiple devices through an external cloud service (e.g. SurfDrive) for free extended storage space (Zotero offers 300MB). Tip2: now has a native iOS app.

  • Obsidian
    A brilliant tool for keeping a research log and general notes in MarkDown format in an organized way.