Attila Lengyel

PhD Candidate @ TU Delft Computer Vision Lab.

I’m interested in both fundamental deep learning research as well as developing computer vision technology to help tackle today’s global challenges. My main research interests include representation learning, equivariant CNNs and efficient color encoding in neural networks.

Besides that, I also enjoy (kite)surfing, hiking and playing the guitar.

If you’re interested to collaborate, feel free to drop me an email.


May 9, 2022 I’ll be joining Google Zürich as a Research Intern, working on robust learned descriptors.
Mar 26, 2022 Our 3rd workshop on Visual Inductive Priors has been accepted to ECCV 2022.
Dec 16, 2021 I’m reviewing for CVPR 2022.
Jul 23, 2021 Our paper “Zero-Shot Day-Night Domain Adaptation with a Physics Prior” got accepted to ICCV 2021 as an oral presentation.
May 20, 2021 Our paper on symmetries in group equivariant convolutions got accepted to ICIP 2021.

selected publications

  1. arXiv
    VIPriors 2: Visual Inductive Priors for Data-Efficient Deep Learning Challenges
    Attila Lengyel, Robert-Jan Bruintjes, Marcos Baptista-Rios, Osman Semih Kayhan, Davide Zambrano, Nergis Tomen, and Jan Gemert
  2. ICCV 2021
    Zero-Shot Day-Night Domain Adaptation With a Physics Prior
    Attila Lengyel, Sourav Garg, Michael Milford, and Jan Gemert
  3. ICIP 2021
    Exploiting Learned Symmetries in Group Equivariant Convolutions
    Attila Lengyel, and Jan Gemert